A little story on BRUCELLOSIS is up with a sample of our Brucellosis awareness material.  Later today I will post a story on RABIES.  Keep checking to see more info on these diseases as the week progresses.

Right.  Sixteen days.  Status: YIKES!!!

This is the bit where I want to climb under the blanket and pretend there is no world outside the window.  But I think Bernie my baby St Bernard is saying that that’s a bad idea …

Update: our “communications” student has been receiving calls and emails in the midst of writing exams.  The event was announced on the local radio station and our Facebook Page has reached 67 people. This little blog website has reached 95 people after two days of life.  I cannot wait to present the world with all our awareness material and our crazy experiences.

I have two of my team leaving for overseas a few days before the 11th.  This is the vet student and our West Nile Virus student.  I was really hoping that they would be present on the day, mainly because our West Nile student is a beautiful, petite, long haired blonde that will turn the head of any farmer, and similarly our vet student is eye-candy for any woman farmer.  Okay, I know that my motivation is not purely for scientific excellence, but even science needs good looking creatures to behold.

Then, there is the catering money that hasn’t appeared yet.  Procurement hasn’t started.

There is also the case of 20 emerging farmers who really want to come along, but the minibus is already full, so now we have to see if we can get a bus!

Then, there is stakeholder-project issues that have to be addressed as diplomatically as possible, because these are the people we are going to be working with in the future.

And then… there is pure, unadulterated FEAR!

The fear of failure.

I am but a student in a world full of cleverer, more professional, more authoritative people who have the power to hover over me and say,

“You are but a student and I am CLEVERER, more professional and have more authority than you.  Remember your place in the scheme of things.”

I am but a student in a world full of people that have the power to judge, criticize me, and shame me.

I am but a student, and this organizing a One Health Day in the middle of work and studying, is actually bloody hard.  So many things can go wrong. It is frightening and overwhelming.

What to do?  Except to do that things that can be done?

And so, this is how we are going to proceed over the next 16 days.  So far we have completed 50% of the activities and milestones that we planned to do, there are 88 in total.  No small feat, this One Health Day.  We are just going to follow the plan, task by task.  We are going to finish this race and on that day, we are going to deliver that material to whoever comes. Oh, and we are going to give them coffee, muffins and lunch.

We are a team of students and supervisors, but this is the bit in the journey where each individual is feeling the strain of striving toward the finish.  My mission is that my team will finish as One, with no person stranded on the way.  But the finish line is not the 11th of November 2016.  No, we may be but students now, but it won’t be that way forever.  We may be a student team now, but we will be a team forever.  This is the real prize of going through this arduous process of preparing a One Health Day.

Fame? I’ve never really coveted fame.  I wouldn’t know what to do with it.  Fear, is easy… either run and hide or fight.  Fame?  I haven’t thought of a contingency plan to deal with that.  But my gut instinct would be to hand it over to someone that smiles better than me.