11 days to go…

For those of you who have been wondering if we will still be having our One Health Zoonotic Disease Awareness Day, after losing our initial venue… I am happy to report that we will be…

It’s going to be held at Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve.

We have to reduce the number of guests, but it will be so worthwhile for those who do attend.  Suikerbosrand is stunning in serenity and harmony.

So, how did we get promoted from an auditorium in the University Faculty to an auditorium in a nature reserve?  I’m not sure… All I know, is that I told my Epi supervisor, and the deputy director of Animal Health this morning, what had happened, and they suggested we use our (being GDARD) nature conservation facilities.

We then drove around Gauteng, checking out venues to host a student One Health Event…until I was happy with one.

Now, we get to host farmers, vets, animal health technicians, doctors, public health specialists and honored guests in one of the most beautiful landscape Gauteng has to offer and they still don’t have to pay a cent.  It is almost as if the Creator wanted in on the action… Now, this whole event plays out within the context of nature itself.

I know… so many people have such a negative bias toward the South African Government.  But, I have to confess, I have just experienced ‘government’ reaching down to lift up a student’s dream.

Someone once said that God catches every tear we cry… He hears every prayer we pray… With 10 days left, I cannot help but pray, that this day, will truly bring together government and farmers and private doctors and knit them with cords of peace.

It’s hard not to hear it.  As Suikerbosrand welcomes you in, it seems to declare into the vast South African sky and far far beyond…

“One Creation…One Health”.

Suikerbosrand: Image courtesy of Peter Chadwick