2 and a bit days left!!!!

Well.  I wish I could say that all things are under control.  It’s so not under control that I have given up being stressed.  If one single thing goes right without some challenge, it will be a miracle.  Truly, every logistical error has already happened.  My carefully crafted plan of activities with deadlines turned out to be a horde of wriggling earthworms that will not march in a straight line.  Horror has given way to absurd fascination.

The caterer might have to be changed due to the new venue. The transport is missing a bus. The cell phone number that we printed out on all brochures and cards was recycled by the service provider, so we had to get a new number and all the material we printed has the wrong number on it.  Wifi was down the whole weekend, so no updating the site as promised.  There is more important meetings that have turned up on the day that the people who wanted to attend the One Health Day HAVE TO attend, including one of the students.  Giggle.

Stress is like having fleas.  After a while, it actually becomes ticklish.  Okay, I don’t really know, I’ve never had fleas before.  But the thought of little things crawling and biting me is resonating with the way I am feeling right now.  Pretty disturbing, I know.  But truly, if I think about Friday, I feel as if there’s a million things I want to scratch until I see blood.

Deep big breathe.

And then I think about what we have achieved so far.  Hundreds of people have suddenly started looking at this space that is reserved for One Health.  People have crawled out of dark unknown cracks with an interest and passion to work across disciplines.  We have already made the material.  We have a venue.  We have this site. We have distributed the material to farm workers already…

My baby Saint Bernard, Bernie, is taking a cool walk through the lounge and out into the garden with his bed in his mouth.  Dewey the white cat is hunting Bernie’s tail.  The sun is rising over the wall, a soft molten golden ball in a pocket of pink sky.  Flaming birds of paradise blink in the morning light.  Today is full of color, full of sound, full of life.

Who knows what Friday will bring?  All I know is that as much as I want the day to be successful, I want for every person involved to be healthy, peaceful and well in their souls. Me included.  The rest of the team is calm and collected and confident.  It’s just me.  But, no point having a fantastic day and me being a wreck.  It’s a tall order, but hey, we have reached for the moon already, no reason to stop there…

So, I have decided to do the obvious.  Stop thinking about all the things that have gone wrong, and can go wrong and start thinking about what shoes I’m going to wear on Friday…

image: postconsumers.com