Its 9:41pm.

I’ve been trying to explain to Bernie what I will be presenting tomorrow.  I just hope that our audience does not have THAT expression on their faces.

No, I haven’t decided on shoes yet.  I’ve been too busy putting papers together into plastic folders: program, KPA questionnaire & stakeholder contact form with pen.  Everything is ready in boxes…

I am so excited about the gift we are giving to people who make a commitment to controlling Brucellosis using a One Health Approach.  It is our “Brucellosis” Mug.  We have mugs for each of the diseases, but tomorrow, we will be giving a Brucellosis mug to each of the attendees.

May the ancestors roll in their gloomy graves if EVER a person puts raw infected milk into that mug!!

So, the only thing that can stop us now, is another flash flood on the N3…